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The Smart Tag is a Bluetooth tracker which you can use to tag your valuables, such as your keys, wallets, bags, or even pets. It pairs with your phone via Bluetooth using our free iOS and Android apps. When the tag and your phone are out of bluetooth range, both will sound alarms to alert you.

It uses bluetooth low energy and thus has low power consumption. This gives it a long battery life of up to six months on a CR2032 lithium button cell.


The phone app tracks the tag’s location through the phone’s GPS. If you lose the tagged item, you can check the last detected location through the phone app. If you lose your phone, you can use the tag to ping your phone and trigger an alarm sound.


The Smart Tag can also function as a remote for your phone. You can use it to remotely trigger your phone camera and to remotely turn on the voice recording function on your phone.


The Lock Smart Tag comes in three standard colors: grey, red and green and can be customized with your logo or your designs which make them perfect as gifts or as fashion accessories, but beneath the cute exterior, they are actually smart devices.